Republic Day!

In Turkiye, Oct 29th is Republic Day, which celebrates Ataturk’s founding of modern-day Turkiye. We were lucky to be in Istanbul for Republic Day this year, since it was their 100th!

There were signs like this one all over the city to celebrate:

Istanbul 100 years

At the Moda waterfront

A friend invited us onto his boat tour the afternoon of Republic Day. It was fun to be on the water with so many other people celebrating. There were also groups of partiers on the edges of the Bosphorus:

Festivities on the Shores of the Bosphorus

There were celebratory banners up all over the city for our entire trip.

A celebratory banner hanging over the road.

Translates to “Happy Birthday, Republic”

There were also a few tents set up in key districts showing short films showcasing Turkiye’s technology and advances.

Tent showing several short films showcasing Turkiye's technology

Such a great time to visit the country! Kutlu olsun, Turkiye!

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